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Manufacturer – Rheem                                        


Style 1: 
The Date of Manufacture is found in the first four digits of the serial number
08 95 XXXXXX
08 Month (August)
95 Year (1995)

01 January      07 July                     
02 February    08 August                     
03 March         09 September                     
04 April            10 October                 
05 May             11 November                 
06 June            12 December                 
RUUD hot water heaters, manufactured by Rheem, exemplify reliability and efficiency across a wide array of residential and commercial applications. These heaters encompass a variety of styles, including traditional tank-style, tankless, and hybrid models, designed to meet diverse hot water needs with a focus on energy savings and performance. Many RUUD models boast ENERGY STAR® certification, signifying their adherence to rigorous efficiency standards that help reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs over time. Built with durable materials and corrosion-resistant tanks, RUUD heaters prioritize longevity and reliability, augmented by safety features such as temperature and pressure relief valves for enhanced operational security. Innovative designs often integrate smart technologies for remote monitoring and control, enhancing user convenience. RUUD hot water heaters are widely accessible through reputable plumbing suppliers, home improvement stores, and online retailers, supported by Rheem's robust warranty coverage and customer service.

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