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Manufacturer – State Industries (acquired by A.O. Smith in 2008)                                        


Style 1: 
The Date of Manufacture is found in the first four digits of the serial number
09 Year (2009)
05 Month (May)

01 January      07 July                     
02 February     08 August                     
03 March         09 September                     
04 April           10 October                 
05 May            11 November                 
06 June           12 December

Style 2: (Prior to 2008) 
The Date of Manufacture is found in the first three digits of the serial number
D Month (April)
05 Year (2005)

A January     G July                     
B February    H August                     
C March        J September                     
D April           K October                 
E May             L November                 
F June            M December

State Water Heaters, a brand under A.O. Smith Corporation, is renowned for its extensive lineup of residential and commercial water heating solutions known for innovation, quality, and reliability. Offering a diverse range of products, State Water Heaters include traditional tank-style water heaters available in gas and electric variants, tankless models providing instant hot water on demand, and hybrid water heaters that combine efficient heat pump technology with traditional tank storage. These options cater to various needs, whether for small households or large commercial establishments, ensuring there is a suitable model for every application.


State Water Heaters prioritize energy efficiency across their product range, with many models bearing ENERGY STAR® certification, indicating they meet stringent efficiency standards to reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs. Features such as high-efficiency heating elements, advanced insulation materials, and optional smart technology enhancements further enhance energy savings and user convenience.


Safety and durability are paramount in State Water Heaters, featuring robust construction with corrosion-resistant tanks, temperature and pressure relief valves, and other safety mechanisms to ensure reliable and secure operation over the long term. This commitment to quality is backed by A.O. Smith's comprehensive warranty coverage and strong customer support network, providing peace of mind to consumers.


State Water Heaters are widely available through reputable plumbing supply stores, home improvement retailers, and online distributors, making them accessible to a broad customer base. 

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