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Claim Season Survival: 5 Ways to Stay Relaxed and Maintain Your Well-Being this Summer

#1 Take breaks!

Simple as it may be, taking breaks is essential to staying well during a high-stress, high-volume claims season. Unplug as best you can during your workday breaks. In between, take 2 minutes to stretch your legs, rinse your coffee cup, or take a peek outside. Taking regular breaks has been shown to boost productivity and improve employee well-being.

#2 Sunshine

Summer takes, but it also gives. If the weather cooperates, take a few moments to enjoy the sunshine. Take a cat nap. Enjoy an outdoor BBQ. Invest in a fabulous new pair of sunglasses. To maintain your well-being this summer, take in the rays! Don't forget the sunscreen!

#3 Treat yourself

Is your Amazon wishlist replete with ridiculous non-essentials you can't wait to have but cringe at the thought of splurging? A pirate costume for your cat, a Karaoke machine, a programmable LED lighting system for your gaming station - whatever the luxury, treat yourself during this busy claim season!

#4 Prioritize

While we may like to think differently, no one person can do it ALL. If you're feeling overwhelmed, take stock of your ongoing projects and activities and make cuts where you can. What projects can be paused? Which tasks have the highest priority? To-do lists can help make sense of the busy season ahead. Read more about prioritizing your work day!

#5 Flex your creativity

Getting creative is great for your well-being! Whether it's painting, writing, or jamming on an instrument, being creative lets you express yourself and helps you chill out and de-stress. Plus, it keeps your brain sharp and your problem-solving skills on point. When you create something awesome, it gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel accomplished. So, embrace your creative side this claims season!

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