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  • What does Zap inspect?
    Zap Consulting is an industry leader in HVAC, electronics, and appliance damage assessments. From home theater systems to networking equipment, and water heaters to high-end appliances, Zap can help. For specialty items, reach out to our office. An expert will be ready to discuss your case.
  • Does Zap have nationwide coverage?
    Yes! Zap Consulting has nationwide coverage for electronics and appliance investigations. HVAC Consulting has nationwide coverage for heating & air conditioning systems inspections.
  • Can Zap handle commercial claims?
    Zap Consulting and HVAC Consulting handle residential and commercial assignments across the U.S. We have performed inspections in various commercial locations, including churches, restaurants, HOAs, office buildings, and more. To discuss a specific assignment request, reach out to our office - our team is ready to assist. ​
  • Are Zap technicians adjusters?
    Zap Consulting technicians are NOT adjusters. Zap Consulting's nationwide team of professional certified technicians bring decades of experience and expertise in diagnosing commercial and residential electronics and appliance losses.
  • Does Zap handle desk reviews?
    Yes! We can certainly complete desk reviews of any claim-related documentation, including repair/replacement invoices, receipts, proposals, etc. Desk review services are available for both standard electronics/appliances and HVAC claims.
  • Does Zap do repairs?
    Zap Consulting and HVAC Consulting do NOT perform repair or replacement work. We are an unbiased, impartial third-party consultant. We provide recommended settlements based on current market values for material and labor.
  • How soon can an inspection take place?
    In claims, we know timing is critical. Once our office receives an assignment and the necessary loss notice details, Zap Consulting will reach out to the policyholder within 24 hours*. We will schedule an inspection within the insured's preferred availability and notify the adjuster of any delays to keep the claims process moving efficiently.
  • The claimed items have been discarded, can Zap help?
    Unfortunately, claimed items are sometimes repaired or replaced, and discarded before the damage can be verified. In these cases, we offer our desktop review service. With this review, office resources are used to validate the credibility of the company used for repair/replacement, as well as determine if labor, material, and pricing are in line with current market MSRP/local competitors.
  • I'm not an adjuster, can Zap help me?
    We work exclusively with claims professionals to evaluate electronics, appliances, and heating and air conditioning systems for the insureds they represent. Home and business owners should reach out to their insurance provider for guidance after a loss.
  • How can I submit a referral?
    Referrals, or assignments, may be submitted via our website by clicking on 'Submit Assignment' at the top right corner. Referrals may also be emailed to or submitted via phone at (888) 406-0980.
  • When will I receive the final report?
    Once the findings of the inspection are received by our office, our skilled report analyst team begins the report compilation process. We aim to deliver the fair and accurate assessment as quickly as possible. Turnaround times can vary depending upon the scope of the assignment. Contact our office for a status update anytime.
  • I have a question about the final report. What do I do?
    We strive to generate fair, accurate, and unbiased reports in clear, easy to understand language; however, sometimes further questions may arise. If you have questions about the final Zap report, please contact our office and a claims manager familiar with your situation will be ready to assist.
  • Why are there hyperlinks in the report?
    For standard electronics/appliance reports, hyperlinks will be included when applicable for the recommended replacement item or repair part. Access to this hyperlink is afforded to simplify the process of repairing or replacing damaged items. Click on the links to view where repair/replacement pricing was obtained.
  • I have the final report, what was the cause of the damage?
    The cause of loss as determined by Zap's investigation may be found in the first paragraph of the first page of the final report. Additional cause of loss details will be found throughout the narrative portion of the report.
  • Where is the HVAC portion of the claim?
    HVAC inspections are performed separately from standard electronics/appliance investigations. If an HVAC system is part of the claim, you will receive a separate final HVAC report.
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