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Our Evaluations Include

Cause of Damage Verification

Whether lightning, power surge, water, wind, fire, or forced impact, Zap Consulting can help. Our investigation includes cause of loss verification for all perils. 

Like Kind & Quality Confirmation

Does the insured have a replacement proposal? Every Zap evaluation includes a full review of all documentation. Our analyst team will determine if the proposal includes like kind and quality options, or unwarranted upgrades.

Photographs of Equipment

Our evaluations include full photo documentation of the claimed item inventory, providing evidence of the condition of the items at the time of inspection.

Recommended Action / ACV & RCV Settlements

Can the items be repaired? What is the most cost-effective option? How much is the insured owed to restore to pre-loss condition? Every Zap evaluation includes recommendations for these key questions.

Current Market Parts & Labor Pricing

Zap Consulting reports are designed to be fair, accurate, and actionable. As an unbiased third party, we don't provision unrealistic, lowball estimates. 

Repair Parts Availability Verification

Our repair recommendations are made with feasibility in mind. Through diligent research and contact with manufacturers, our analyst team will confirm repair part availability.

Why is a Zap Report Better?

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What's in a Zap Consulting Report (banner format, no logo, left).png