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Avoid a vandalism claim: how to protect your home on Mischief Night

Mischief Night, Devil's Night, or Cabbage Night, is all about playful pranks and fun. In the United States, Mischief Night typically happens the night before Halloween; young people get up to some harmless tricks like toilet-papering houses, egging, and maybe a bit of pumpkin smashing – but sometimes things can get a tad too wild.

According to a Forbes article, "On the day of Halloween, there is a 72% increase in vandalism and malicious mischief claims compared to all other days of the year, according to claims data provided by Travelers Insurance."

What should a homeowner do when harmless childhood antics turn to significant and costly property damage?

Check out Zap Consulting's tricks for keeping your property safe this Halloween.

Well-Lit Exterior: Ensure your home's exterior is well-lit with outdoor lighting. Adequate lighting can deter potential vandalous activity as they are less likely to approach a well-lit property.

Tip: Use lighting timers to automate your home's exterior lighting system. Motion-sensing fixtures can help deter Halloween nighttime prowlers.

Security Cameras: Install security cameras around your property. Visible cameras can act as a strong deterrent and provide evidence in case of any incidents.

Lock Doors and Windows: Make sure all doors and windows are locked securely. This simple step can prevent easy access to your home.

Avoid Leaving Valuables Outside: Don't leave expensive decorations, electronics, or other valuables in your yard or on your porch unattended, as they might become targets for vandalous activities.

Tip: Not all mischief happens during the cover of the night...

Stay Home or Arrange for a House Sitter: If possible, stay at home on Halloween night or have a trusted friend or family member house-sit. Having someone present at the home on Halloween night can act both as a deterrent for acts of vandalism and provide peace of mind.

Dealing with a frightening claim?

See how Zap Consulting can help, today.


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