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Zap Consulting provides the insurance industry with fair and unbiased diagnostic evaluations of electronics and appliances in all 50 states. 
We evaluate heating, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration claims nationwide under the brand name
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Entry Gates

Garage Door Openers

Power Tools


Security Systems


Well Pumps



Apartment Buildings


Convenience Stores


Office Buildings


Retail Stores


Fitness Equipment

Food Service & Refrigeration

Music Equipment

Point of Sale Systems

Smart Homes

Zap Consulting inspects & reports on thousands of claims every year. If you'd like assistance with an electronics claim, but don't see the items listed here, contact us & we will review the claimed items with you!



In 2010, Zap Consulting was launched to address the need for fair and unbiased diagnostic evalutions in the insurance industry. Founder & president, Jason Rankin, a third-generation claims professional, had dedicated 10 years to property claims prior to founding Zap. During that time, Rankin witnessed firsthand the frustrations claims adjusters and policyholders endure when navigating electronic, appliance, and HVAC claims.


Zap Consulting was created to uncomplicate the claims process for all involved. Since it's founding, Zap has grown under Rankin's leadership, providing hundreds of insurance companies and thousands of claims professionals with the support of a firm of consultants working together to defer fraud, facilitate the claims process, and remain unbiased in each and every assignment.


         Every one of us - through our actions and decisions - has a responsibility, an ability, and an opportunity to contribute to the                  world's response to COVID-19. We want to assure you that Zap Consulting and HVAC Consulting prioritize safety and health while ensuring continued service to our clients.

We have activated our crisis management team in response to COVID-19 to monitor and respond to the situation. We are following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and local government regulations and containment measures. Additionally, we are maintaining open communication with our employees, clients, and other involved parties  in order to assess and confirm the safety of areas that may be inspected. 


Submitting an assignment with us is easy. Click the button to the left or right to submit a Zap or HVAC Consulting assignment. Once submitted, you will receive an Acknowledgement Letter from us. Our Customer Relations Team will immediately get to work to make same-day contact with your insured and we'll update you as soon as our on-site inspection is scheduled. 

Our outstanding services pair a field inspection with an in-house research process conducted by our team of professional Report Analysts who utilize claim details, data collected during inspection, a vast research library, and diligent analysis to produce accurate, thorough reports, that will provide you everything you need to resolve your claim.

Let us help you simplify your claim!



"I was very pleased with the turnaround for this claim as well as the detail of the report."

—  Mary, Senior Claim Examiner



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