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Zap Consulting provides onsite investigations and desktop reviews for commercial and residential property claims involving HVAC systems, appliances, electronics and equipment nationwide. Zap is the trusted vendor for these types of losses by more than 200 insurance companies across the U.S.

insurance adjuster investigating claim damages electronics, appliances, HVAC system

Our Story

In 2010, Zap Consulting was founded to meet the pressing need for fast, impartial, and thorough diagnostic assessments of air conditioning, appliances, and electronics within the insurance claim industry.


Insurance companies require specialized investigations and standardized protocols for these types of evaluations. Our commitment from the outset has been focused on these core principles. We deliberately specialized in these areas to aid in establishing robust standardized procedures and to enhance the accuracy of claim resolutions.


Zap Consulting has developed a proven methodology that eradicates uncertainty. This methodology enables swift claim settlements by furnishing claim professionals with objective, comprehensive, and actionable assessments. By employing our services, insurance companies gain a clearer understanding of claim costs, expedite the closure of pending files, and markedly augment overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Our founding purpose centered on speed and simplifying the claims procedure for all stakeholders involved.

Our Process

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"Received great service and a lightning-fast report."

Michael, Desk Examiner



For any inquiries or questions, please call:

888-406-0980 or fill out the form below.


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Mailing Address

8022 Providence Rd.

Suite 308

Charlotte, NC 28277

Tel: 888-406-0980

Fax: 704-919-5373

Call for rate schedule: 888-406-0980
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