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Zap doesn't do repairs. Why that's a good thing for adjusters & policyholders

Does Zap Consulting do repairs?

This is one of the most common questions we receive. Simply put, Zap Consulting does not perform repair or replacement services. We do not bid on projects. We do not have a stake in the repair process and for good reason.

Zap Consulting’s mission is to provide claims professionals with fair, accurate, and actionable damage assessments of electronics, appliances, and heating and air conditioning systems to simplify the claims process.

As an unbiased third party, Zap Consulting does not perform repair or replacement services for electronics, appliances, or heating and air conditioning systems.

We are focused on providing timely on-site inspection services and desk reviews for residential and commercial claims across the U.S. Zap's easy-to-understand final reports are designed to help close claims quickly and accurately. Our neutrality ensures fairness to the policyholder and carrier.

Our neutrality ensures fairness to the policyholder and carrier.

This neutrality is integral to our mission of providing fair, unbiased damage assessments. Involvement in the repair process would undermine this neutrality and impact our ability to provide stellar customer service to adjusters and policyholders alike.

How does Zap's neutrality benefit adjusters?

  • As an unbiased third party with no stake in the repair process, Zap Consulting is able to recommend repair versus replacement based on the facts of the claim only. The evidence we obtain during the on-site investigation and an unparalleled in-house research process informs our repair or replacement recommendation. Adjusters can be confident Zap's recommendations are the most cost-effective and feasible resolutions for the claim.

  • Our unique process allows our team to focus on the important things - including providing exemplary customer service to our clients. Our mission to provide timely on-site inspection services and fair, accurate, and actionable damage assessments relies upon prompt client communication and positive relationship building.

  • Zap's neutrality allows our team to evaluate claims in the real world. We are not interested in providing lowball estimates or recommending repairs that are not possible, whether due to OEM parts availability or a lack of local area providers qualified to perform the work. Our impartiality results in the most fair, accurate, and feasible recommendations for every claim.

What about policyholders?

  • After more than a decade of claims investigations, we understand the immense toll a loss can take on a home or business owner and their families. By focusing exclusively on our investigative role in the claims process, Zap's services enable the insured to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Our neutrality helps avoid unnecessary delays, particularly those associated with the repair process.

  • Because of our impartiality, Zap does not require policyholders to use a particular provider over another. Our reports feature fair and accurate pricing that should be honored by any reputable service provider. At the request of your insurance company representative, Zap is always happy to discuss pricing directly with a service provider, if needed.

  • No ulterior motives mean you can trust Zap's repair versus replacement recommendations and pricing. Our interest is in the facts, only. Insureds can rest assured a final Zap report is fair, accurate, and actionable in the current market.

Need assistance with a claim?

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