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Save with
Zap Consulting

How does Zap Consulting save money for over 100 insurance companies across the U.S. each year? Simple.

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We save insurance companies money in 6 ways.


Identifying inflated pricing in contractor estimates, proposals, or invoices


Spotting falsely claimed non-damaged or

non-existent items 


Seeking opportunities for warranty coverage on an item, eliminating the responsibility of the carrier 


Discovering unwarranted equipment or system upgrades


Determining items that can be repaired vs replaced


Searching for subrogation potential for damages due to improper installation, improper repair, and more

Zap Consulting's fair, accurate, and fast service simplifies the claims process for adjusters and policyholders.


As an unbiased third party, Zap Consulting ensures carriers are never overpaying after a loss. 

Let Zap Consulting take care of your air conditioning, appliances, or electronics claim investigation, today.

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